Prices & Booking

How do I book my first lesson?

To book a singing lesson, please head over to our online booking system where you can pick a day and time suitable for you. Unfortunately we are not able to make bookings over the phone.
Sometimes there is a waiting list in place (i.e. no available lessons will be showing on the booking system), in which case please email us directly at and you will be informed as soon as lessons become available.
Singing lessons are also available over Skype, you can select this option when you make your booking online.
It is strongly advised for all new students to begin with a 30 minute lesson.


Single lessons (studio & Skype)

30 minutes – £20.00
45 minutes – £25.00
60 minutes – £30.00

Pay-by-the-month lessons (studio & Skype)
(based off a 4-week cycle)

30 minutes – £80.00   £72.00 (£18.00 per lesson)
45 minutes – £100.00   £92.00 (£23.00 per lesson)
60 minutes – £120.00   £112.00 (£28.00 per lesson)

Group lessons (studio only)
For 2 students

30 minutes – £35.00 (single) £33.00 (pay monthly)
45 minutes – £45.00 (single) £43.00 (pay monthly)
60 minutes – £55.00 (single) £53.00 (pay monthly)

On Location

Should you require Beckie’s services outside of a lesson, for example, at your performance or audition, she can travel to you to help you with your performance and give you feedback.

£30 per hour

*Charges will also apply travel time and fuel.

Piano lessons

Beckie can also provide basic piano/keyboard tuition, either included in a 60 minute vocal lesson, or you can have your own separate 30 minute lesson.

30 minutes – £15.00 (pay monthly at a rate of £13.00 per lesson)