Lily-Mae starred as the title role of Matilda in ‘Matilda The Musical’, at The Cambridge Theatre in London (2017-18). Prior to achieving her West End debut, she received a Distinction in her Grade 1 Vocals, then when she returned to RJ Music Tuition she achieved another Distinction in her Grade 3 Vocals, and performed in many student showcases.

“If you’re looking for a singing teacher, I can highly recommend Beckie. Her lessons are fun and relaxed. My daughter grew in confidence and ability through Beckie’s tuition. She loved taking part in the regular showcases which enabled her to practice performing in front of an audience. Beckie was able to support Lily-Mae through her audition process for Matilda and has been so supportive. She wouldn’t be starring in the West End without her!”– Amanda, Lily-Mae’s Mum

“Singing has always been something I enjoyed as I had singing lessons growing up. I wanted to start a new hobbie, but I thought why not go back to something I used enjoy. I wanted to have relaxed lessons where I wasn’t in a strict environmental.  As I don’t have that much free time I knew Beckie would be able to help me improve my voice and range without too much pressure.

I’ve built up my singing confidence and I’ve noticed an improvement over the past months in my range and technique.”