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“Singing has always been something I enjoyed as I had singing lessons growing up. I wanted to start a new hobbie, but I thought why not go back to something I used enjoy. I wanted to have relaxed lessons where I wasn’t in a strict environmental.  As I don’t have that much free time I knew Beckie would be able to help me improve my voice and range without too much pressure.

I’ve built up my singing confidence and I’ve noticed an improvement over the past months in my range and technique. If you are thinking about having lessons with Beckie, I would say, give it a chance, have fun and go for it.”


My daughter wanted singing lessons to help with musical theatre performances. She was very nervous but Beckie immediately put her at ease and she has really enjoyed her lessons from the start. Not only has her singing improved, but her confidence has really increased which is lovely to see. She always enjoys singing in the showcases and it’s a great chance to be able to see her perform. Beckie really manages to get the best out of her and she looks forward to each lesson – all of which are tailored towards her needs and musical tastes. I would definitely recommend singing lessons with Beckie!

Gillian, Megan’s Mum